Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Cherish is the word

One of the members of The Association (one of my favorite groups), Larry Ramos, died on this date two years ago. He was only 72 and had some health issues in his latter years, but boy did he entertain us! He was part of The New Christy Minstrels and then later joined The Association where he shared lead vocals with Terry Kirkman. For years, I ended my radio shift by saying "Live, love, laugh, be happy, and never ever forget . . ." leading into a recording of The Association's Cherish (which Kirkman wrote). Years later I discovered the David Cassidy version and found I preferred it. By the way, Dizzy Gillespie, Barry Manilow, The Lettermen, Nina Simone, Ed Ames, Petula Clark, and The Four Tops are among the many who have recorded Cherish. Anyway, thinking of Larry Ramos this morning, reminded me of the song, and all the inspiration I have received from it.

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